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Why You Sometimes Hear The Same Sounds In Movies | Free Film School

Barbi Csernai



Why You Sometimes Hear The Same Sounds In Movies | Free Film School

What would the movies be like without the crack of Indy’s whip, the “thwip” of Spider-Man‘s web-shooters, or the crackling screech of Doc Brown’s DeLorean?

You don’t just watch movies. You listen to them, too. Sound designers are responsible for making sure that a movie’s soundtrack not just the music, but everything you hear in the film tells the story just as clearly as its visuals. Here’s how they do it.

Sound design has been an indispensable part of filmmaking since 1926, when Warner Bros. released Don Juan, the very first feature-length movie to use synchronized sound, The film lacks spoken dialogue, though, which would begin to hit movies the following year. Synchronized sound has been an integral part of the moviegoing experience ever since…for better or worse.

Most modern blockbusters have dozens of people on the sound team, and many of them specialize in just one small part of the process. Some teams create sound effects while others mix them together, all with the goal to make any given scene, no matter how explosive or how intimate, hit our ears just right.


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