The Rock calls for a recount after losing ‘World’s Sexiest Bald Man’ to Prince William

The Rock calls for a recount after losing ‘World’s Sexiest Bald Man’ to Prince William

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has jokingly called for a recount after Prince William was named “world’s sexiest bald man”.

Responding to a story published by The Sun last week, in which cosmetics surgery company Longevita conducted a survey, Johnson posted on Twitter.

The original story claims the results were found by analysing  “blogs, reports, and pages found in Google searches” containing the word “sexy”.

Prince William’s name was reportedly mentioned 17.6million times using such criteria.

Mike Tyson came in second place to the Duke of Cambridge, followed by Jason Statham, Pitbull, Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Vin Diesel.

“How in the cinnamon toast f— does this happen – when Larry David clearly has a pulse?!?! #demandingrecount,” The Rock tweeted in response.

Stanley Tucci, who was not mentioned in the survey’s results, shared his own thoughts on Instagram with a collage of potential contenders for the title.

His selection included Sir Patrick Stewart, Mark Strong, Tilda Swinton, LL Cool J and more.


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Elsewhere, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teased a new collaboration with Microsoft and Xbox earlier this month.

The actor took to social media to unpack a box that came with a card including the logos for the Xbox Series X, as well as Johnson’s recently launched energy drink brand, ZOA.

Johnson did not unbox the package beyond that, leaving fans and gamers to speculate what the collaboration would entail. Johnson’s caption for the post reads: “The eagle has landed and this surprise is for ALL MY GAMERS. Stay tuned, my friends as you will receive what’s in this box.”


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