The Best LGBTQ+ Hidden Gems On Netflix Right Now

In the past decade, Hollywood has made strides to represent the LGBTQ+ community on TV and film more respectfully.

As society’s lens continues to shift in positive ways, so does the representation we see on screen. Here are some of the best LGBTQ+ hidden gems that defy many of the stereotypes we’ve come to expect from these movies.

We’ve all seen the teenage coming-of-age story where a character takes the whole movie to realize that they’re in love with their best friend. Alex Strangelove offers a twist on that premise when the relatable main character, Alex Truelove, and new girl Claire have a high school biology meet-cute moment.

They become best friends until they decide to “risk the friendship” and try dating. But as it turns out, Alex is more interested in kissing his endlessly patient gay friend Elliot than his girlfriend.

This charming movie stands apart from most of its LGBTQ+ counterparts by not honing in on a doom and gloom storyline. Of course, there’s drama – it is a high school love story, after all. But it’s refreshing to see a teenager struggle with his sexuality and actually receive support from his friends and family. Coming out is often a joyous occasion for many people, so it’s nice to see a fun, heartwarming film that does its own thing without falling into negative stereotypes.

  • Alex Strangelove | 0:00
  • What Keeps You Alive | 1:34
  • The Half of It | 2:27
  • Disclosure | 3:19
  • The Boys in the Band | 5:15
  • Freak Show | 6:23
  • Other People | 7:09


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