About 500 film relics from Sylvester Stallone’s Hollywood career will be auctioned off at a December auction, with auction organizers expecting about $ 1.5 million in revenue.

Props from the actor’s greatest films can also be obtained, such as Rocky’s boxing gloves or Rambo’s headband.

Sylvester Stallone was born in 1946. It was brought to world fame by Rocky, which was presented in 1976 and then won an Oscar. Julien’s Auctions auction house in London showcased the highlights of the auction, which will be available for purchase on December 5 in Beverly Hills.
From the actor’s personal collection, you can bid on costumes, props, screenplays, notebooks, and other memorabilia from highly successful films such as
Rambo headband
Highlights include the boxing gloves used in Rocky III (estimated at $ 10-20,000, or $ 2.9-5.9 million) and handwritten notebooks on the first four Rocky films, which cost $ 40,000. –60 thousand dollars.
Rambo fans can also bid on the knife set used in the first three films. They are estimated to cost between $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 each. Among the relics available for purchase is the headband worn by Stallone in the Rambo II, which is pre-estimated at $ 8-10,000 by Julien’s Auctions. At the same time, it will be possible to bid on a mouthguard worn by Stallone in Rocky, a costume designed by Gianni Versace for Judge Dredd, and a statue tied to the Addicted Game that shapes Stallone’s forearm.
Born in 1946, Stallone became world famous in 1976 with Oscar-winning Rocky and soon became one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars.

stallone box gloves

The question has arisen as to why the 75-year-old actor icon sells relics
He’s actually moving in, selling his house, so this is a great time to select
Martin Nolan, CEO of Julien’s Auctions, told Reuters.
Nolan added: they expect a lot of interest, as they see a great demand from people for relics, especially if they come directly from the movie star.
The event will take place on December 5 at Julien’s Auctions auction in Beverly Hills.