MASS EFFECT 5 Official Trailer (2022) PS5, 4K


indicates the new title takes place directly after the controversial ending of “Mass Effect 3” and will ignore the fourth entry ‘Andromeda’ which was more of a spin-off title anyway.

The clip teases the after effects of Commander Shepard’s choice and death as he fundamentally changed all life in the universe. We see broken Mass Effect relays and what appears to be Liara on an icy planet going past a dead Reaper and picking up a piece of Shepard’s armor.

The game is said to still be in the early stages of pre-production so is years off – this is purely a cinematic for now. More immediate will be the ‘Legendary Edition’ of the original trilogy which will update the graphics and gameplay for PC and the new generation of consoles.


Source: Dark Horizons / Contact Us

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