Mae Martin confirms ‘Feel Good’ season two is on the way

Mae Martin has announced Feel Good season two is now filming.

The creator and star of the show, also a standup comedian, revealed the news in a video on Netflix‘s social channels that production has begun on new episodes.

“I’m currently on the Feel Good set filming season 2,” Martin said in the video.

Explaining how the show tackles the drama of a new relationship but also the mundanity of addiction, as Martin’s character is a recovering addict, she said: “A lot of time when we see addiction represented on TV, it’s shown as this really dark, harrowing experience, which it can be.

“But a lot of us have had the experience of doing something compulsively despite it having negative consequences. I think it’s important to show the mundanity of addiction and the universality of that experience.”

Discussing a potential second season of Feel Good with NME earlier this year, Martin said “We have loads of stories to tell.”

“I want to see [Mae and George] go to Canada and see them try to transform that relationship into a healthy long term one – and if they can do it,” she added. “You don’t really know if they’re good for each other or not in the end, right? Do they bring out the best in each other or the worst? Or is it just too much?”

The release date for season two of Feel Good is yet to be confirmed – stay tuned for updates.


Source: NME / Contact Us