Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Will We Ever See Marvel's Weirdest Character Join The MCU?

MODOK is possibly the strangest character ever created by the folks at Marvel. An evil giant head with arms and legs, MODOK is bent on taking over the world, and he’s also incredibly goofy. So will we ever see him battling the Avengers in a Marvel movie? Well, let’s find out.

Originally created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, MODOK first appeared in 1967’s Tales of Suspense #94 as a foe for Captain America. At his core, he’s exactly what his name says he is – a Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing. As for his origin, George Tarleton had signed up to work for the acronym-loving science-terrorists of Advanced Idea Mechanics, only to find that he was the dumbest guy in the room. Admittedly, there’s a significant chance of that happening when the room is otherwise full of mad scientists, but George had the opportunity to get a little smarter by letting AIM experiment on him.

The original intent was to turn him into MODOC, with a C instead of a K – the Mobile Organism Designed Only for Computing, whose genetically augmented brain could help AIM with data processing. Unfortunately, he became way more aggressive than they’d anticipated, which earned him a more accurate acronym, and took the position of Scientist Supreme. In the process, George was physically transformed, with his head growing so massive that his body could no longer support it, requiring a floating rocket chair to move. The trade-off, though, came in the form of mental super powers.

Over the next few decades, MODOK would be a perennial foe in the Marvel Universe, with AIM becoming a sort of utility player supervillain organization that could reasonably go up against almost any hero. A group that’s entirely devoted to mad science for the sake of mad science, directed by the incomprehensible whims of a giant floating head, can show up pretty much anywhere.

Through it all, MODOK was at the center of AIM’s advanced ideological machinations.

A few of his most memorable exploits during this period involved creating a giant robot body that was properly proportionate to his own giant head so that he could fight the Hulk, a plan with so many problems that you really start to understand why “computing” wasn’t really his forte. He also once teamed up with the Headmen, a group of D-list villains united by the fact that they all had weird heads, in an attempt to take over the world. That’s the kind of story that MODOK was winding up in, and it would only get weirder from there. Keep watching the video to see if we will we ever see MODOK in a Marvel movie!


Meet MODOK | 0:00
MODOK is AIM-ing high | 1:24
Meet his M.A.T.E.s | 2:19
MODOK has become a cult favorite | 3:26
Weird mass media appearances | 4:08
He’s already part of the MCU | 5:32
MODOK’s TV show | 6:37
MODOK’s 11 | 7:47
The MODO-Avengers | 8:48

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