Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Every New Menacing Villain Appearing In Marvel Phase 4 Movies

No heroic saga is complete without a villain. The MCU has suffered no lack of baddies thus far, and Phase Four promises to continue that trend. Today, we’re taking a look at every new villain coming our way in Phase Four of the MCU.

One of the few Phase Four villains we’ve gotten a decent glimpse of is Black Widow’s Taskmaster, AKA Anthony Masters. As a boy, Masters discovered that he could replicate any physical action once he has observed it. Empowered by these “photographic reflexes,” Taskmaster turns to a life of crime and becomes extremely wealthy.

Looking to expand his reach, he opens a school where he shapes other villains into lean, mean, good-guy-busting machines. Since he’s able to replicate the fighting style of any hero, he provides his pupils with uniquely individualized training.

Taskmaster’s abilities prove enormously dangerous in the heat of battle, as he can predict his foes’ next moves and stay several steps ahead. He should prove an interesting foe for Natasha in Black Widow, given her own skills with subterfuge adaptation.

Admittedly, fans have sort of encountered the Mandarin already. Marvel pulled the rug out from underneath us in Iron Man 3 by portraying Ben Kingsley as the classic villain, only to reveal him as an actor named Trevor Slattery. He was only ever hired to portray a made-up supervillain.

That wasn’t the end for the Mandarin, however. Fans will be getting the real deal in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, with Tony Leung Chiu-wai set to portray the actual, no-fooling Mandarin. Keep watching the video to see every new menacing villain appearing in Marvel Phase 4 movies!

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Taskmaster | 0:13
The Mandarin | 0:56
The Deviants | 1:37
RUMORED: Nightmare | 2:15
RUMORED: Druig | 2:48
RUMORED: John Walker | 3:22
RUMORED: Gorr, The God Butcher | 4:01
RUMORED: Justice Peace | 4:51

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