FRIENDS Reunion Special (2021) Trailer

FRIENDS Reunion Special

Inspiration behind this video: The aim of this video is to prove that If a YouTube channel with 24K Subscribers and budget of $50 can create something unique like this, then why multi-billion dollar companies like HBO & WB can’t give us a proper reunion special which we have been waiting for it since the show ended in 2005.

What we deserve & we want Is a reunion where we get to see what happened to our favorite characters since they left the apartment? What we don’t want is a half-Ass reunion where they (cast) will just talk about the show (which BTW they have done multiple times since the show ended), and It’s not like we won’t watch that one, but it’s more like ‘Friends’ as a TV show deserve so much better (many shows not even half as good as ‘Friends’ have got proper reunion episodes), so I want you to share this video as much as you can & I want you to tweet like I have explained in the video & let’s make this happen!


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