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DESERT STRIKE Official Trailer (2021)

Barbi Csernai



“I’m not part of that plan anymore!” ITN Movies has released a new US trailer for an action movie titled

Desert Strike,

made by Egyptian filmmaker Raouf Abd El Aziz and first released in Egypt last year under the original title Pharaoh’s War. This looks like absolute trash, and I guess that’s the point – it seems like they just wanted to make a big, dumb Egyptian action film. An ex-military man with a mysterious past leads a group of Egyptian refugees through the desert and must protect them from a group of evil mercenaries. Desert Strike stars Mike Tyson and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, both of whom are laughably bad in this, and also features Mahmood AbdulmughniRubiAmr Saad, and Ahmed Fahmy. This looks SO bad it’s hard to even finish watching the trailer but luckily it’s free to watch and will likely give you a good laugh.

Starring: Mike Tyson


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