Comics To Read If You Love WandaVision

Eager to learn more about the comics that inspired WandaVision? Then you’re in luck. Here are the comics to read if you want to know more about Vision, Wanda, and her history as the Scarlet Witch.

The 1980s saw two volumes of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch series, both of which are worth any WandaVision fan’s time. The first volume, which premiered in 1982, sees our newlywed heroes making a whole-hearted attempt to live like normal people — or at least, as normal as a synthezoid and a witch can ever be.

Their attempt to retire to suburban New Jersey is, of course, immediately disrupted by magic, mayhem, and Magneto. This four-issue series tackles a lot, despite its brevity, particularly spotlighting Wanda’s complex parentage. That family drama combines wonderfully with old-fashioned superheroics, and is perfectly topped off by Wanda and Vision’s irresistibly offbeat relationship.

The second volume of Vision and the Scarlet Witch hit newsstands in 1985. The intervening years put Wanda and Vision through the wringer, and so, more in love than ever, they decide to go back to New Jersey for a quiet life together. As ever, things get complicated, but their bond is at its most compelling in the 12 issues that make up this run. Wanda’s pregnancy provides the series’ backbone: She conceives her sons through magic in the third issue, and gives birth in the 12th.

“Twins! What a twist. What? I’m invested.”

In between, fans are treated to the sight of Magneto attending a suburban Thanksgiving, Vision doing his best to look casual in blue jeans, and Scarlet Witch partying in New Orleans, clad in a maternity costume. It is, in short, adorable, and highly recommended for anyone who loves WandaVision’s kooky portrayal of domestic bliss.

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  • Vision and the Scarlet Witch | 0:00
  • Darker than Scarlet | 1:49
  • 1998’s Avengers #10 | 3:22
  • Avengers Disassembled | 4:44
  • House of M | 6:12
  • Young Avengers | 7:47
  • Vision | 9:13
  • Avengers #279 | 10:41
  • Astonishing X-Men | 12:04
  • Scarlet Witch | 13:21


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