Amy Adams: The One Woman In The Window Scene That Makes Us Love Her Even More

Amy Adams is a true triumph in the new psychological thriller “The Woman in the Window.”

She stars as Anna Fox, an agoraphobic woman who spends her time spying on her neighbors, drinking wine, and cozying up with her cat.

Throughout the movie, Adams’ performance makes it clear that her character has endured some kind of massive trauma. This devastating reality check is set in motion after Anna meets a woman played by Julianne Moore, who Anna believes is her new neighbor, Jane Russell. Jane comes to Anna’s rescue during a confrontation with some pranksters, and the two get along very well. So, as you can imagine, Anna is horrified when she sees someone stabbing Jane through the window.

However, Anna then meets the “real” Jane Russell.

Even the Russells’ son, Ethan, casts doubt on Anna’s story. This all leads up to an epic confrontation between the police, the Russell family, and Anna’s own repressed memories.

Adams’ performance in the film is sensational from start to finish, but this sequence in particular showcases just how much power the actress brings to this role. Here’s a look at the scene in “The Woman in the Window” that makes us love Amy Adams even more. Spoilers ahead!


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