10 Dirty ADULT JOKES Hidden In Popular Family Movies

10 dirty adult jokes hidden in popular animation and family movies

Children’s and cartoon films are not always so exciting for the adult viewer. Granted, there are still classics from childhood that you watch nostalgically in the evening on the couch. Every now and then, the makers allowed themselves a joke or two in the movies, which was either meant for the parents, or for us to burst out laughing when we finally got it ten years later. So to help you pick the next kids movie or to narrow down the next movie night, today we have ten hidden moments in family and animated movies that only grown-ups understand. This video includes moments from Toy Story 2, Aladdin, 101 Dalmatians, Inside Out, Cars, Frozen, Happy Feet, Hocus Pocus, Despicable Me & The Road to El Dorado.


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